Nobu Su: Inventor, environmentalist, philanthropist

Purpose: Raising the public’s awareness regarding Nobu Su’s inventions and world- wide contributions to the shipping industry.

Nobu Su is the owner and CEO of the Taiwan-based shipping company TMT as well as an environmentalist, philanthropist and vocal proponent of increased participation of Asian shipping companies in the global market.

TMT Co. Ltd was founded in 1958 by Mr. Ching Wun Su as Taiwan Maritime Transport Co. Ltd, and later rebranded under its current name Today Makes Tomorrow. Owning over dozens of ships, the company plays a major role in the global shipping industry.

With over 50 years of experience in the maritime industry, Nobu is also renowned for his inventions in the field of shipping and communication technology, holding over ten registered patents. His best known technologies are OceanNet and Hybrid Ship, who both had a great impact on the environment and the shipping industry. Su has also designed an underdeck piping structure for ships, which he has allowed shipping companies to use for commercial use without any license, and a technology called Time Stamp which seeks to eliminate email fraud with a unique time signature for users.

Nobu Su is also known for his large-scale Pan-Asian activism. He sees the country as an important part of the global shipping industry and sees his corporate activities as a way of promoting Asian corporate leadership and expanding their reach.

Mr. Su has endowed a chair at IMD business school in Switzerland titled the Nobu Su Professor of Global Leadership. The chair is dedicated to the research of the Asian region, and focuses on the research question “how Asian companies and leaders can utilize creative methods to be more integrated in the global economy”.

For his substantial inventions, Su was given the Lifetime Achievement for Entrepreneurship award at the international ShipTek conference.

NOBU SU’s thoughts on the US financial crisis has more than UK and Europe financial crisis. The question arises why this happened?

The simple question leads to many questions.

This is Nobu Su’s  experience and real story, before financial crisis and post financial crisis until meeting with Ian Fraser and reading his book “Shredded” on June 15, 2014. Also, Ian Martin’s book called “Make it happened.”

The corporate culture with more than 200,000 employees plus family is close to 1million people. It is powerful. It is United Kingdom. It is Great Britain. It controls world resources, world accounting regulations, laws and world financial institutions.

The power of Royal Bank of Scotland is enormous. The political and economical power is more than you can imagine.  If you  started to force out the business with bad intention to suffocate the Target Company. What would be happened?

You raise your children with expectation as parents. Your kids to be good and capable. Your children are better than others. The Children wanted to have high scores and goody.  Have you ever tried to do cunning in the school to get good score?  Have you tried to answer the questions with some extra? Did you cut paste your friend ideas in answer because you though guilty to copy his ideas?

This to see how the leader of the 200,000 employees tried to rescue and keep afloat the BRTISH EMPIRE banks from burst in early 2007. The leader, Fred Goodwin and his lieutenant had conducted criminal manipulation in its financial statement deceived all important decision makers.  Even it will cause doubt that some of them may work together.

The chronological event of US Financial Crisis and UK financial Crisis had many publications after 6 years. The still missing is the book written by the real decision maker such as Hank Paulson and Alistair Sterling after December 2008. Both the head of financial world.

The story is perfect plan except forgotten the time difference in different counties in the perfect plan.

The entire case is all about one small errors for trillions of dollars set up over 2 years to prepare.

Some one had to get out from music chairs or working unwillingly together with all of the counter parties.


Nobu Su recently introduced OCEANNET, a system which enables the transmission and reception of data via an offshore mobile communications network. OCEANNET was originally devised as a cost-effective ship-to-shore communications network allowing shipping crews to contact their families, but is also used in ship-to-ship transmissions for safety.

Nobu Su’s ‘Hybrid Ship’ technology, was especially developed to reduce CO2 emissions and mitigate the problem of ballast water contamination. It reduces a ship’s requirement for ballast water between 10-20%, thus minimizing harm to marine life. Meanwhile, the use of a conventionally driven main propeller and an electrically driven duct propeller reduce CO2 emissions because less energy is needed to achieve the required speed.

Su has also designed an underdeck piping structure for ships, which he patented in Japan, Korea and China, which he has allowed shipping companies to use without license. Su’s underdeck piping system for ships is currently in commercial use.

Su has a registered patent on a technology called Time Stamp which seeks to eliminate email fraud with a unique time signature for users.


On 19 April 2011, Su was given the Lifetime Achievement for Entrepreneurship award at the International ShipTek conference.

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