Su Promotes New LNG Containment System For Arctic Shipping

Su promotes new LNG containment system for Arctic shipping

January 7, 2016

Su says he has registered a patent in Japan for a solution he has developed that he is calling the Mahoubin Bottle Shape LNG tank.

The TMT chief, who has proved a prolific designer and registerer of patents over the years, says the new system will make it possible to develop hybrid ice class LNG ships.

He says he has unveiled his concept to the Russian Registry and other members of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in order to address the upcoming Polar-class regulation.

Experts who have been shown the Mahoubin say it resembles a wine-bottle in shape, which could work for some applications. But they add that ultimately any uptake would depend on cost.

Su, who appears to be turning his focus to shipping in Arctic waters, said: “The Arctic Ocean is an important setting where enforceable technologies for massively reducing CO2 [carbon-dioxide] emissions are most needed.”


In the context of Arctic shipping he has also been talking up his Hybrid Ship concept that consists of a conventionally driven main propeller and an electrically driven duct propeller, which Su claims allows for reduced fuel consumption when a vessel is travelling with little ballast.

“With the Hybrid Ship technology, a vessel requires little ballast water and, therefore, reduces the risk of water contamination affecting the Arctic and its natural beauty,” he said.

Article from Tradewinds

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