Method of Manufacturing Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier

Provided a LNG ship that is manufactured in a short construction period by assembling a LNG tank on land and mounting the LNG tank in a hold of the ship. A cold insulator and a membrane are affixed on an inner side of a prismatic tank to fabricate a LNG tank, which is mounted in a hold having a double hull structure. In order to prevent the prismatic tank from deforming at the time of the mounting, strength members are welded to an outer surface of the prismatic tank before a thermal insulation work for the purpose of sufficient reinforcement. After the tank is mounted in the hold, the strength members of the prismatic tank are coupled to the inner hull of the ship to integrate the LNG tank and the hull, so that the weight of a liquid cargo is supported by the prismatic tank and the hull together.

Ultra Large Marine Floating System

A method to improve the safety and comfort of an ultra large marine floating system is provided. The ultra large marine floating system has a length of 350 to 550 m, a width of 45 to 80 m, and a depth of 25 to 35 m. The ultra large marine floating system has a tank zone and a plant zone that are visibly separated from one another. Additionally, the tank zone has LNG storage tanks, self-supporting spherical (MOSS type) tanks, a membrane tank arranged in a hold, and the plant zone includes a liquefied natural gas plant.

System and Method for Arranging Shipment and Insurance for an

A system and method for arranging shipment and insurance for items being shipped in containers with memory devices. An intelligent shipping agent may receive a request to ship an item. The intelligent shipping agent may search a database or solicit quotations to obtain shipping and insurance services for an item to be shipped from an origination to a final destination. The intelligent agent may find an entry in the database or may select a vendor based on received quotations. The selection may maximize value of a product or service at the lowest cost. The memory device may store shipping and insurance information related to the item being shipped in a data file. The memory device may include input devices and sensors to gather and store information before,during and after shipment.

Digital Distribution Method and Digital Distribution System

Digital contents representing the entity of a product are incorporated in a control program, and the control program is transmitted from a vendor to a buyer over a network. The product is delivered from the vendor to the buyer after a desired delivery period has elapsed from the transmission. After the product is delivered, the control program disables the digital contents. Therefore, when the present invention is applied to the book business, the buyer can read the digital contents representing the entity of the book immediately after the buyer places an order for the book. After that, the buyer can get the book that will be delivered.

System and Method for Negotiating Improved Terms For Products
and Services Being Purchased Through the Internet

An method and system for negotiating improved terms for a product being purchased over the Internet. Once a purchaser has made a decision to buy a specific product over the Internet, the purchaser may use the services of a personal negotiating broker-agent program to beat the best available purchase transaction within a specifiable time window. The personal broker-agent program may detect an issuance of a commitment to purchase over the Internet by a purchaser. The personal broker-agent program may then make an offer to the purchaser the option of waiting a predetermined amount of time while the broker agent searches for improved items. On acceptance of the option by the purchaser, the personal broker-agent program may conduct an auction and/or search the Internet for a better deal and may evaluate the auction and/or search responses to determine the best deal. The personal broker-agent program may then execute the best deal.

System and method for negotiating and providing quotes for
freight and insurance in real time

A system for negotiating logistics and insurance transactions may include interfaces configured to connect logistics providers, insurance providers, and emarketplaces. An agent software module may be configured to search the Internet for pricing information that is used to maintain a current database of pricing and terms. The emarketplaces may be configured to allow purchasers to enter descriptions of items to be shipped and insured. The system may then search the current database
to provide the purchaser with a quote for freight and insurance services in real time.





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