With over 50 years of experience in the maritime industry, Nobu is also renowned for his inventions in the field of shipping and communication technology, holding over forty registered patents. His best-known technologies are OceanNet and Hybrid Deballasting Ship, which both are having a great impact on the environment and the shipping industry.

Nobu is a high-flying, enthusiastic and talented inventor, he states technology and the environment as his main drivers. He’s a very practical person with a strong background in trade, economics, business and philanthropy and he’s always been motivated to solve problems with ‘out of the box’ thinking. Nobu wakes up every morning with solutions and new ideas for ways he can help inspire positive change and make a difference in this world, for now and for future generations to come.

Nobu believes ‘the truth is the truth’ and he spends his spare time fighting for justice against the big banks and corporations. He stands up for the everyman. He always takes the battle to the end and believes that at whatever cost, justice needs to be served.

Nobu Su is also known for his large-scale Pan-Asian activism

He sees the country as an important part of the global shipping industry and sees his corporate activities as a way of promoting Asian corporate leadership and expanding their reach.

 was founded in 1958

 was founded in 1958 by Mr. Ching Wun Su as , and later rebranded under its current name 

Owning over dozens of ships, the company plays a major role in the global shipping industry.

The Gold Man From the East

In the financial crisis of 2008 Nobu San’s shipping company, TMT, fell victim to the greed of Western bankers.

Now Nobu Su is fighting back.