How to save the ocean's fish: Nobu Su's solution

Nobu Su has devised a new solution on how to save the ocean's fish population.

The ocean's fish are incredible important to the planet's eco-structure and Nobu Su's idea intends to protect the fish population and environment. There has been a reduction in the ocean's fish numbers and this idea plans to improve those figures.

Watch the new video below in which Nobu Su explains his new idea which will create a more sustainable ocean environment.


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Dynasty Escape featured in The China Post

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Since the establishment of Ill-Gotten Party Asset Settlement Committee, there has been several disciplinary punishments and lawsuit cancelations reported.  However, people still had another great question in mind: does the authority really have that large amount of unknown party asset well-controlled under the current party asset pursuing system? 

Mega Financial violated the Anti-Money Laundry Acts and was fined by both NYDFS, New York Department of financial service, with 180 million USD, and the FED with 29 million USD. However, there still lack evidences to explain the whole operation details, belonging of the accounts with suspicious transactions, and whether Mega Financial was actually involved in money laundry. 

Quoting from recently published book Dynasty Escape, the author believed that there was some connection between 2 cases. Using the example of credit case on TMT (Taiwan Maritime Transportation), the author demonstrated a money laundry case with great cash balance. The author also suggested and deeply discussed that Taiwan lacking transparent banking system under KMT’s political dynasty. 

The author of Dynasty Escape, Nobu Su, was also the chairman of TMT group, which is about to force to bankrupt. He built his shipping empire with unique vision and business strategy, and was famous for investing tens of millions of dollars to turn the “A Whale” from the largest supertanker into the world’s largest skimming vessel and volunteering for cleaning up the oil during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Mexico in 2010, and without accept any payment from US government. However, he had been rather low key in Taiwan. The last time he got Taiwan media’s attention was because of a report saying that Mega Financial might have sold his TMT outstanding claim greatly undervalue. 

Su’s previous book The Gold Man From the East staring with his own experience, alleged that the international banking system had cast greedy eyes on his multi-billion-dollar shipping empire and almost destroyed it. After a s series of meticulous cross-country search, Su tried to reveal the biggest financial scandal and claimed that to be the real cause of the financial crisis of 2008. He found Taiwan great helped western trouble assets (CDO-CDS) to shred to Australia and New Zealand.  

Following these finding,  Dynasty Escape is a deeper decipherment into how Taiwan’s financial system became the tool of the KMT dynasty’s fund Transferring before the transition of political power in Taiwan? The TMT group became one of the victims in the process. “During my journey writing The Gold Man From the East, I found that Taiwan has become the center of clean up place for west. I couldn’t help thinking: How did all these happened? Then I looked back to Asia and examined further into the economic history of the East and the West over the decade and put all the reflection in Dynasty Escape. None of these is speculation. I have sufficient evidence of my business, most of which have been exposed in this book.” Said Su. 

Starting with the investigation of the Panama report and the Mega Financial money-laundering case, Su dig back into TMT group’s joint loan applied via Mega Financial and the unreasonableness during the process of filing for bankruptcy restructuring, and finally unveiled the artifice behind KMT dynasty’s plutocracy. “All the reactions seem to have the same pattern.” He argued, and claimed that there’s a “Big Mama “ who was called by Cai You-Cai” behind, who is empowered to nominate all the chairman of top 20 banks.

Although the story started from the TMT case, Su said, “This is not personal public interest. Nor I have anything to do with any political party. I believe this happened, Dynasty System that has lasted for generations about which Taiwanese people should know. Not only in Taiwan, some story happens in different countries. In the era of global extreme poverty, all the media is so under control of the rich that true stories can’t be revealed, which is unbearable to me. The identification of people in Taiwan is in question. That’s why I set up “TAIONE Think Tank” for helping young generation, and wrote this book.  

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Plans revealed for Nuclear Power 'Game Changer'

In 2011 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, in northern Japan, the second worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear power generation occurred.

Last May, seven years after the disaster the UK’s Daily Mail reported that “Japan is poised to flood the Pacific with one million tons of radioactive water contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear plant.”

This week, an inventor Nobu Su has revealed plans which have been described as “a potential game changer for increased safety at existing nuclear power plants, new advance nuclear power plants designs.

Presenting patented plans at the 6th East Asian Nuclear Energy Forum, Mr Su detailed his proposed changes which would strengthen the integrity and diversity of the existing safety systems for the nuclear power plants.

The implementation of the system would also achieve mutual support and cooperation among the nuclear power plants in the same regions, and can also strengthen inter-regional nuclear safety.

“We believe that our system can strengthen the confidence in nuclear safety to the residents near the nuclear power plant,” explained Mr Su.

“It can also eliminate the population's suspicion about nuclear accidents, and also can motivate the government policy to support the development of nuclear energy.

“This solution may also offer a possible alternative to help remove the radio active tainted water stored at Fukushima site sooner than other options.”

There are reportedly more than 100 nuclear power units in East Asia, which is the third largest area in the world for nuclear power plants, and China's nuclear power is under construction leading the world.

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What every banker in the world would like to do to these books…

Banking System—银行系统
US Federal Reserve—美联储
Bank of England—英格兰银行

The Gold Man from the East

In the financial crisis of 2008 Nobu San’s shipping company, TMT, fell victim to the greed of Western bankers.Now Nobu Su is fighting back.

The Gold Man from the East, Nobu’s first in a new series of outspoken, investigative titles that expose what goes on behind the scenes in the boardrooms of big financial institutions and how a small group of powerful private individuals can manipulate the global economy for their own advantage.

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Dynasty Escape becomes no.3 best seller in Taiwan

My 2 books came at the right time; after 10 years of financial crisis Dynasty Escape became no.3 best seller in Taiwan! I hope it can go China and become no 1!

Today’s Dow crash is simple. This is the the result of ten years of covering up the 2008 crisis.

Nobu Su

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On the Cent: 10 years on and real 'Wolf of Wall Street’ now hungry for revenge

One of Asia’s richest businessman has vowed to use his personal fortune to bring the US bankers responsible for the 2008 financial crash to justice.

Nobu Su will spend “every available cent” tracking down those rouge individuals whose alleged corruption cost him nearly US$4billion and plunged America into its worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Su, the chairman of Taiwanese shipping firm Today Makes Tomorrow (TMT), has already launched a US$12million lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase in a New York federal court.

He has also announced plans to sue Fred Goodwin, the British former chief executive of The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), for GBP£3billion in what is likely to become one of the largest claims brought against a private individual in UK legal history.

But yesterday, a decade on from the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the beginning of the credit crisis, the billionaire tycoon promised to widen his net and bring multi-million-dollar actions against other “crooked chiefs and their underlings”.

He will not stop, he warns, until his funds are returned and all those he suspects of fraud and dishonest behaviour are forced to repay their “debt to American society”.

In a statement on his website [Monday] Su, dubbed the ‘Real Wolf of Wall Street’ for his appetite for financial revenge, said: “They have so far been lucky. They have avoided jail and they have escaped any financial penalty.

They have lived peaceful, stress-free lives on our dollar for over 10 years. “These crooked chiefs and their underlings cannot hide forever, however. They are in my sights. These people have a debt to me and to America that must be repaid, and I will use every available cent, if necessary, to force them to do so.”

Su, 59, is one of the Asia’s most flamboyant business leaders and one of Taiwan’s most successful exports. He inherited TMT from his late father and is credited with turning what was a small marine transportation company into a multi-billion-dollar global enterprise that at its height shipped an average of 250,000 metric tonnes of goods per day around the world.

But in his explosive new expose, ‘The Gold Man From the East’, out this month, he claims the fortunes of TMT were destroyed after placing its money in the hands of RBS.

Here, TMT’s accounts were systematically plundered to provide the failing bank with liquidity, the book claims. TMT was RBS’ largest individual private client at the time.

Between 2007 and 2009, when RBS was on the brink of disaster, the book claims that billions of dollars were siphoned off and used by the bank without consent.

The value of TMT’s assets, which included vast fleets of container ships, liquified natural gas (LNG) ships, very large crude (VLCC) tankers and bulk carriers worth up to US$500million each, were also exploited by RBS at a time when its own future was in crisis, the book says.

More than US$10million was also transferred by RBS to JPMorgan Chase without Su’s knowledge or permission, half of which is still missing, the book adds.

The alleged fraud, which almost brought family business TMT to its knees, is said to have cost Su at least USD$3.6billion.

Earlier this month, Su announced his intention to bring a GBP£3billion claim against RBS, its ex-boss Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin, and two other RBS employees in the British courts.

His claim against JPMorgan Chase is still ongoing. Now the magnate will use a team of forensic accountants and private detectives to investigate his own accounts and the “actions of the wider industry”.

Claims will be brought, he vows, against rogue individuals and institutions whose behaviour contributed to the crash and to his lost funds.

“I am not someone who frightens easily and nor am I someone who gives up,” the statement says.

“This is a warning to the fat cats, to the arrogant banksters – the robbing bankers - in their ivory towers who hitherto believed they were too big and too powerful to fail.

“You are not too big for me.”

Nobu Su relaunches legal action against RBS

I (Nobu Su) will be soon be relaunching my legal action against RBS, Fred Goodwin and two of his former associates in the High Court, London, in a £3billion claim for negligence. Further details in my new book, The Gold Man From the East, available from Saturday September 15th on More updates coming soon - watch this space.

Nobu Su is releasing his new documentary, ‘The BMAX Scandal’, coming soon...

Nobu Su is releasing his new documentary, ‘The BMAX Scandal’, coming soon on YouTube – click here and subscribe to his channel to make sure you don’t miss it.

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Nobu Su is launching his book ‘the Goldman from the East’ with his latest innovative technological solution: The disappearing book!

Nobu Su is launching his book ‘the Goldman from the East’ with his latest innovative technological solution: The disappearing book!

Nobu has developed a timestamp patent which focuses on digital book rental. It means that anyone can rent or buy his electronic books (or special documents) for a specified for a period of time, after which the document will become protected and unreadable.

It works from any platform, with the simple download of his special reader app.

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