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A legendary figure in the industry, could shipping magnate Nobu Su be the one to bring down the banking world? In a stranger than fiction tale that gives Oceans 11 a run for its money, brand new feature documentary The Outsider is a story of a man who didn’t fit in, taking on one of the biggest corporations in the world.

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Feature Film: The Outsider

Filled with financial rackets, conspiracy theories and a story of a multi-millionaire businessman and his mighty fall from grace, The Outsider, from Thomas Meadmore, award-winning editor (The Guv’nor) and director (How to Lose Jobs and Alienate Girlfriends), has wowed crowds in London, is now available on iTunes in the UK and will be coming to other film festivals soon. Nobu said, of making the film, at first ‘my face was all red’ but now he says he enjoys it because, ‘if you make the tallest building in the world, no one will remember you, but if I make a nice film, my children and grandchildren will see it and that’s great!

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Taiwanese shipping magnate Nobu Su rose through the ranks of his family business and built it into one of the largest shipping companies in the world. Powerful, revered and described as a ‘visionary and revolutionary’, he was one of the most respected people in the shipping world, the world’s biggest transportation business. It’s an industry that accounts for the movement of some 90 per cent of everything we consume in Western Society, but a business that has very little scrutiny.

When the 2008 financial crash happened, Nobu Su lost everything. And everything for him meant several billion dollars. He felt cheated, believing that rivals were out to get revenge on perceived business slights, leaving him to sink like the rusting hulk of an old ship. And much more disturbing, he genuinely believes that The Royal Bank of Scotland hijacked his account and swindled him out of billions of pounds.

Since 2008 he has been on a one-man crusade to understand what went wrong and who was to blame; himself, the banks, his rival ship owners or the system?

Featuring interviews with the man himself, renowned shipping experts, some of the world’s most respected shipping analysts and those close to Nobu Su, The Outsider gives a tantalising look at how the little-known world of global shipping operates, told from the point of view of the greatest maverick the shipping world has ever known.

Nobu Su has written a book on the scandal The Goldman From The East.

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Director's Statement

I was initially approached to make a behind the scenes piece for a feature fiction he was developing with a London Producer.

I was initially approached to make a behind the scenes piece for a feature fiction he was developing with a London Producer.
The behind the scenes film was to focus on Nobu Su’s experience trading FFAs and his fall out with clearing bank The Royal Bank of Scotland. I encountered a very charismatic man, slightly mad – in a good way – who clearly had a personal story of great intrigue! I thought that any so-called scandal would be best told through the personal story of this man.

What followed was a crazy whirlwind following a man who doesn’t stand still for more than thirty seconds.

I felt ten steps behind at all times, being told information only at the last minute, if at all, but soon found myself gathering snippets of the life of a very smart, very interesting and actually, incredibly sweet man whose passion for his pursuit is infectious.

He gave me complete creative and editorial control to tell his story. I am very proud of the incredible documentary we have made together.

There is so much mystery and doubt around the stories of Nobu Su, I myself never knew who or what to believe. He claims some extraordinary things — about banking scandals, the global financial crisis, big business – often claims which made me doubt Nobu’s sanity!

However, as we progressed I soon found myself endeared to the man, because he has a good heart and… also because he’s so determined.

Toward the end, my own doubts were quashed as the story became clear and I was able to speak to some extra-ordinary people about Nobu’s cases – including a former RBS staff member who witnessed the scandals himself.

What I admired the most however is Nobu’s complete lack of self-pity. He doesn’t expect anyone to feel sorry for him – but he wants his story told for justice sake – when it comes down to it, despite his flaws, his mission is to expose his negative experience of banks and big business so the same mistakes of 2008 aren’t repeated.

And I admire that.

What I have tried to do is tell a loud, unapologetic story of a charismatic outsider – with all the bells and whistles – kind of an Ocean’s Eleven on the high seas. You should enjoy this ride. It has huge banking scandal right in the centre – but it’s got the heartbeat of a relentless ‘man on a mission’ which I relate too, and love very much. The insanity one can drive into when doggedly pursuing a goal, often to the detriment of those around is. I know that story well.

But you should have some fun with this film. Don’t feel sorry for Nobu, just enjoy the colours, the music and this incredible heist story.

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