Plans revealed for Nuclear Power ‘Game Changer’

In 2011 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, in northern Japan, the second worst nuclear accident in the history of nuclear power generation occurred.

Last May, seven years after the disaster the UK’s Daily Mail reported that “Japan is poised to flood the Pacific with one million tons of radioactive water contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear plant.”

This week, an inventor Nobu Su has revealed plans which have been described as “a potential game changer for increased safety at existing nuclear power plants, new advance nuclear power plants designs.

Presenting patented plans at the 6th East Asian Nuclear Energy Forum, Mr Su detailed his proposed changes which would strengthen the integrity and diversity of the existing safety systems for the nuclear power plants.

The implementation of the system would also achieve mutual support and cooperation among the nuclear power plants in the same regions, and can also strengthen inter-regional nuclear safety.

“We believe that our system can strengthen the confidence in nuclear safety to the residents near the nuclear power plant,” explained Mr Su.

“It can also eliminate the population’s suspicion about nuclear accidents, and also can motivate the government policy to support the development of nuclear energy.

“This solution may also offer a possible alternative to help remove the radio active tainted water stored at Fukushima site sooner than other options.”

There are reportedly more than 100 nuclear power units in East Asia, which is the third largest area in the world for nuclear power plants, and China’s nuclear power is under construction leading the world.

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